The Ladder Lacing: Variant 1

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This version of the ladder lacing is a nice easy lacing. So easy, in fact, that many people will probably not need any instruction on how to do this. However, this is the lacing I developed my diagramming process with, and I'm not throwing away the hours I worked on it.

The ladder lacing as I describe it here can only be performed on boots with an even number of eyelet pairs. In order to perform the ladder lacing with an odd number of eyelets without diagonally crossing a lace, which looks stupid, use Variant Two, which doesn't (look stupid, that is).

Step 1: Begin by passing each end of the lace through eyelet pair 1 over to under.

Step 2: Pass A up one row through eyelet two, under to over.

Step 3: Pass A across through right eyelet 2, over to under.

Step 4: Pass B up two rows through eyelet 3, under to over.

Step 5: Pass B across through left eyelet 3, over to under.

Step 6: Pass A up two rows through eyelet 4, under to over

Step 7: Pass A across through left eyelet 4, over to under.

Step 8: Pass B up two rows through eyelet 5, under to over

Step 9: Pass B across through right eyelet 5, over to under

At this point, we are in the same configuration as after Step 4. By repeating Steps 5 through 9, a boot with any (even) number of eyelets can be laced in this manner. Steps 10 and 11 demonstrate finishing the lacing for tying.

Step 10: Pass B up one row through 6, under to over.

Step 11: Pass A up two eyelets through 6, under to over.

The laces can now be tied in your favorite method. If you think I'm going to draw a diagram for that, you're out of your flipping mind.

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