Fine! Leave! See if I care! ::sob::

Boot Links

The Bootblack Forum - Discussion Group at Yahoo!Groups

International Mr Bootblack Competition - as part of the International Mr Leather Weekend

HotBoots - This is THE boot site for me. Thanks, Larry, for having me bootblack at your Folsom Weekend Party!

Bootjac - This is THE OTHER boot site for me

Bootpig - Bootpig's a total sweetheart, and makes me look like a total punter in the whole "kink identity" thing.

Black - One of my fellow competitors at International Mr Bootblack 2002. I am in total awe of his spit shine capabilities.

David Hawks - International Mr. Bootblack 2000 and the coordinator of the International Mr Bootblack Competition.

Richie Chameroy - International Mr. Bootblack 2003 and the producer of the Pacific West Bootblack Competition.

Ian's Shoelace Site - Ian and I have a lot in common. All right, we both have a fascination with boot lacing and an overwhelming need to document the methods we know. Ian's got a lot more methods than I do, and he understands knots, too. Those who have seen me relacing boots know that even simple knots can confound me.

Dog Links

People acting like dogs

Mr S Leather and Fetters - check out their Bondage section for puppy mitts and other stuff

People thinking like dogs

"What Breed of Dog are You?" - Well, haven't you always wondered?

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From My Dog - I'm reprinting e-mail glurge. Kill me.

And from the Top Five List (links will open a new browser window):

The Top 14 Super Powers Most Coveted by Dogs

The Top 15 Signs Your Dog Has Been Replaced By a Robot Dog

The Top 20 Reasons Dogs Don't Use Computers

The Top 16 Differences if the Election Were Run By Dogs

People being dogs

Barken, TX - a fictional West Texas town where everyone's...uh...well, you'll see

Other dog stuff

Get Fuzzy - You can keep your Snoopys and your Marmadukes, I wanna be Satchel!

Uniform Links

In Uniform The Magazine.

Self-Arrest Form It's amazing the things one finds on the Internet.

Boots Plus This is one of the best sites I have found for surplus NYPD equipment.  I have these guys to thank for fully two-thirds of my NYPD Mounted Uniform.

Gall's One of the best general uniform suppliers around.

Richard's Military Gifts This guy is a prince among men.  I ordered my Corcoran's from him and he got them to me in less than 48 hours.

The Marine Shop The place to get authentic USMC uniform apparel.

Uniform Regulations:

United States Marine Corps
United States Army -- Direct link to 2.3 MB PDF File
United States Navy
United States Air Force -- Direct link to 4.5 MB PDF file.

Bear Links

RFB logoVisit the WWW's leading site for Bear resources!
They made me say it!

And since it is such a common question, here's the Natural Bears Classification System.
Yes, now you too can figure out what I mean when I say, "My Bear Code is: B0(3) f+ c++ g+ k++ s(++) m e h+ r+ p."

While we're on the subject, a member of the Bears Mailing List (see the Resources for Bears site (above) for details) wrote a new classification known as the French Wine Bear Classification System.
In case you were wondering, I consider myself a pinot noir/gewurztraminer****

Misc Links - Dakota Kai and Pet's site. Horsies! YAY! (Yes, I said that spontaneously without a hint of irony. Wanna make something of it?)

Sundance Saloon - Where I dance.