A collection of things that I don't know where else to put

I write too much. And I think too much. And I write too many web pages. The result: a bunch of things that, while I'm quite proud of them, I can't fit in to the rest of the site. The "bastard children" if you will.


I two-step. As much as I can. I line-dance, too. I've actually choreographed a couple of dances.

Dog Bone Boogie - The winner of the Sundance Saloon 2001 Line Dance Choreography Contest (co-written by Glen Fidi aka "Pup")

Sidelong Cha-Cha - The loser of the Sundance Saloon 2002 Line Dance Choreography Contest


Spring Cleaning '00 - a collection of half-assed ravings originally published in the STARS M.C. newsletter "The Black Hole" on the occasion of me announcing that I was moving to the other side of the country

Them's Fightin' Words - Exploring the vast chasm between "agrees with me" and "is a complete moron"

Fear of "Hi"-ing - "Just go talk to him. I mean it, he likes you. Go talk to him! He's totally hot for you, I swear..."

The Twinkie Defense - Let's leave the Twinkies out of this, folks.

The New Puritanism - You say "Nasty public sex" like it's a bad thing.

I, Dentity - "Yes, I am." "YES, I AM."

Pride Events Don't Suck - They don't, you know. Allow me to elucidate....

Needless Classifications

The Wholly Ironic Hanky Code - snide remarks about the oddest part of the Leather scene (with annotations when I feel I've gotten too obscure)

The Country-Western Dancer Classification System - because you can't have too many ways of classifying people, right?

Truly Miscellaneous

::sigh:: Y'know. Working on webpages often makes me think of my favorite things. "My Favorite Things"?! That sounds like a song cue to me!